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Veterinary Surgery with Compassionate Expertise

Discovering your pet needs surgery can be an overwhelming experience, and we understand the multitude of questions that may be swirling in your mind about the procedure and the impact it may have. At Animal Medical Center of Cartersville, our top priority is ensuring the safety and well-being of your pet throughout the entire process.

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Recognizing that all surgeries carry inherent risks, primarily due to the administration of anesthesia, our staff adheres to the recommended guidelines and industry standards set forth by leading veterinary organizations. To mitigate these risks, we go above and beyond with additional precautions such as preanesthetic blood screens, radiographs, IV catheter placement, and IV fluid therapy. These measures are carefully implemented to design the safest possible anesthetic protocol tailored to your pet's needs.

In the event that your pet requires surgery due to injury or illness, rest assured that our veterinarians are proficient in a spectrum of advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Moore has over 40 years of surgical expertise, including complicated surgical procedures and trauma medicine in surgery. Whether it's soft tissue, orthopedic, cancer surgeries, or routine spay and neuter procedures, our compassionate veterinary staff strive to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for our surgical patients.

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A wellness exam is a major component of that care. At Animal Medical Center of Cartersville, a wellness appointment begins with a simple health questionnaire that helps us understand any unusual behaviors or symptoms your pet may be experiencing. During the exam, we focus on your pet's diet, signs of weakness, exercise tolerance, and other indicators of health. Weight checks and an examination of ears, eyes, gums, teeth, and various systems ensure a thorough assessment.

Routine blood testing, urinalysis, and other diagnostic tests are standard during wellness exams. These tests establish baseline values, forming a vital reference for future comparisons. As part of our Early Detection Program, we delve into your pet's heart, lungs, reproductive system, skin, and abdomen. Any abnormalities unearthed prompt further diagnostic tests, ensuring we catch health concerns early on. Annual immunizations add another layer of preventive care.

One of the primary concerns for pet owners is the potential pain their furry companions may experience during and after surgery. Our veterinarians are dedicated to alleviating this concern, and we will work collaboratively to ensure that your pet undergoes a pain-free surgical experience. Drawing from recent advancements in understanding animal pain, we take proactive measures to anticipate and treat pain before it becomes evident, making the recovery process as comfortable as possible for your pet.

Support for a Speedy and Healthy Recovery

Your pet's recovery is of utmost importance to us. Our doctors and staff are available throughout the day to examine your pet, address any concerns, and take your calls. We encourage visits to the pet hospital, but a heads-up with a call beforehand is appreciated to ensure dedicated time for answering your questions. While there may be situations where visitation is not ideal for your pet's well-being, Dr. Moore and our staff are always ready to discuss these situations with you.

Upon discharge, typically between 1:30 and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays, we provide you with detailed home care instructions. Ensuring a quiet, warm, and comfortable environment for your recovering pet, discouraging vigorous activities, and monitoring the incision are crucial aspects of post-surgery care. Daily checks for any signs of swelling, bleeding, discharge, or redness are recommended, along with preventing your pet from interfering with the stitches. Medications, if prescribed, should be administered as directed, and, most importantly, shower your pet with unlimited doses of love and attention.

For spaying and neutering, procedures that make up a significant portion of our surgical work, we understand the importance of these interventions in reducing pet overpopulation and preventing potential medical and behavioral issues later in life. Our informational spay and neuter handout can address some of your queries, and our veterinary staff is just a phone call away to answer any additional questions you may have.

Your pet's well-being is at the heart of everything we do. Our veterinary staff is just a phone call away to answer any additional questions you may have.