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A basset sniffing a cat

Early Insights for Better Pet Health

Discover a new level of pet care that goes beyond routine visits and tests. Early detection isn't just a process—it's a revolution in safeguarding a pet’s well-being.

Thanks to cutting-edge medical advancements, we now have the power to identify potential pet diseases before they pose a serious threat. From heartworm disease to arthritis, diabetes to cancer, our veterinary team at Animal Medical Center of Cartersville is equipped to unravel the mysteries of your pet's health.

A sleeping cat

Laboratory test results play a crucial role in understanding your pet's status, whether they're under the weather or enjoying good health. Dr. Moore and our dedicated team rely on these results to confirm illnesses, rule out potential problems, and track the course of diseases during treatment. Even when your pet is in the pink of health, we advocate running baseline tests—complete blood count, blood chemistry panel, and urinalysis—to establish normal values.

Intestinal parasites are a concern for pets, and we take preventive measures by testing initially (and twice annually) for most healthy pets. Our commitment to your pet's well-being extends to heartworm disease testing, recommended on an annual basis.

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Early Detection for Your Pet’s Best Health

Early detection is not one test, a series of tests, or a single visit—it is a new way of caring for your pet with intuitive and accurate diagnostics. Medical advancements enable us to diagnose potential pet diseases before they become a serious problem.

In the unfortunate event that your pet falls ill, we can easily discern abnormal laboratory test values by referring to the established baseline. For pets on chronic medications, regular rechecks and periodic blood evaluations are crucial, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of medications like NSAIDS, heart drugs, thyroid medications, and seizure medications.

With the current state of medical testing and technology, you have the unprecedented ability to protect your pets. By embracing our wellness recommendations tailored to your pet's age, many potential diseases can be intercepted early.

Early detection isn't just a concept—it's the key to adding more years and quality to your pet's life. Schedule an appointment today.